Why Black and White?

The choice of black and white is related to the protagonist’s introspective and it was meant to reflect his anguish and depression. 

As all things, when used, they tend to lose their brightness or color: ‘Javier’ as he loses the essential values of the human being, due to labour oppression, he begins to see his surroundings on a grayscale; trapped there, we see the landscapes in depressing tones in which he lives.

Understanding white and black as beginning and end respectively, the film shows the protagonist debating with himself such cycle. Longing to get out of that tepid scale, he looks for something defined: the end. 
Black and White was used as another character in the story, its choice was of great importance to the plot.

Therefore, the film has been made only with a handycam and without post production, or budget. It is crude and imperfect, like reality. This Argentinian film, narrated between metaphors, is a message. It is the symbol of work oppression and the empty routines that enslave most people in this era.

This is the first short film of Roberto I. Ercolalo


Stars: Javier Piazza, Fernando Beracochea & Belén Sevillano
Soundtrack: Thomas Alegre & Victoria Korenblit. Edition: Florencia Pascual.  Sound: Osvaldo Alegre
Location Manager: Joaquín Rotelli. General Assistant: Juan F. Grasset.  Make-Up: Lizzie Segovia. 

Translation: Romina Ercolalo.  Transcription: Micaela D. Steinfeld. 

Script, Direction & Production: Roberto I. Ercolalo

Black & White / HD / 16:9 / Argentina / 2018 / 19 minutes
Short Film, Drama, Social, Experimental /  No-Budget