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To appreciate the work of Dir. Ercolalo one would have to watch the film more than once while applauding the soundtrack.
(...) if you want something that would make you appreciate the life you have while re-assessing your current career status then this is one for you.

About "Job Life"

"I think that cinema is the closest thing to magic in this world."
"...Cinema, like any act of magic, is made up of two equally fundamental parts: a magician and an audience. One without the other they are nothing more than a person with a trick or a mass of aimless people."

Roberto Ercolalo
BUEIFF Event 2020
CMA, Madrid. (Spain)

An Argentinian experimental film with a sublime use of metaphor within a complex psychological context. The existentialist conflict of the human being is within a capitalist society. Unpredictable; each resource is excellently exploited for the culmination of each analogy shown.
Great direction and music.

(Spain) About "Job Life"

"Paraphrasing "V for Vendetta". A movie is a symbol, the fact of doing it well is. But that by itself is nothing.
Now, a symbol supported by enough people can change the world."

Roberto Ercolalo
BUEIFF Event 2019
HCD, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

(About "Job Life"

short film)


"An astronaut said that while orbiting Europe, he had not been able to distinguish when one country begins and when the other. This is because the lines that are on the maps are not on the ground.
Those lines, like all the divisions we have created, are only in our minds. That astronaut saw the world as the Art sees: in harmony and in unity. Because those lines... don't really exist."

Roberto Ercolalo
MADFA Event 2022
CMA Auditorium (Spain)

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