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(The Process)


Ita, a young woman, will try to remove fragments of a pain that torments her.

With Juan's help, she will seek to heal her heart, in an arduous rebuilding process.

Direction: Roberto I. Ercolalo

Cast: Margarita Hardessen & Juan M. Barreiro
Music: Ivan Barchuk & Laura Parker
Cinematography: Miguel Molinares

Screenplay and production: Roberto I. Ercolalo & Juan M. Barreiro

Sound Mix: Omar Carrascosa y Gerardo Truyol

Make-up FX: Silvia Martin

Graphic Designer: Jeanette Acosta

General Assistant: Agustín Luque

Categories: Drama / Psychology / Fiction

Short Film. Madrid, 2023 (Currently in competition).

Awarded in 10 countries.

Director Statement:

This 1-minute short film is a message about the process of human psychology, its different stages, the root of conflicts, and the importance of time, which captures everything in each person's world.

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