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by Roberto I. Ercolalo

An average employee burdened by depression and loneliness, caused by the job demands of his boss and the eternal routine in which his life is imprisoned. 
Desperate, he allows himself to dream with an iota of freedom. 
Trapped to break with oppression and, with it, his existential emptiness.

This Argentinian film, narrated between metaphors, is a message. It is the symbol of work oppression and the empty routines that enslave most people in this era.

Why Black and White?

The choice of black and white is related to the protagonist’s introspective and it was meant to reflect his anguish and depression. 
Like all things, when used, they tend to lose their brightness or color: ‘Javier’ as he loses the essential values of the human being, due to labor oppression, he begins to see his surroundings on a grayscale; trapped there, we see the landscapes in depressing tones in which he lives.

Understanding white and black as beginning and end respectively, the film shows the protagonist debating with himself such cycle. Longing to get out of that tepid scale, he looks for something defined: the end. 
Black and White were used as another character in the story, its choice was of great importance to the plot.

Has been selected and screened in more than 50 international festivals and projected in 18 Countries.



First official trailer of Job Life:
Experimental Short Film
Duration: 01:42 min.


- Finalist in Las Vegas Global Film Convention (USA)
- Semi-Finalist: in Festival for Drama & Family: Film & Writing Festival (Toronto, Canada)
- Semi-Finalist: in Los Angeles Cinefest (Los Angeles, USA)
- Official Selection: in Independent Talents International Film Festival (Bloomington, USA)
- Official Selection: in Bad Film Fest 
(New York, USA)
- Official Selection: in Barcelona Planet Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain)
- Official Selection": in RedCorner Film Festival (Siracusa, Italy) 



Second official trailer of Job Life:
Experimental Short Film
Duration: 01:00 min.


- Finalist in Las Vegas Global Film Convention (USA)
Finalist (Promotional Piece) in Las Vegas Global Film Convention (USA)

- Official Selection: in 6 On Nebraska (South Africa)
- Official Selection: in Independent Talents International Film Festival (Bloomington, USA)
- Nominee: in Moscow Indie Film Festival (Moscow, Russian Federation)

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Short Film - Italy
Categories: Fiction / Experimental / Environment
Duration: 11 min.

"An entrenched custom, the wishes of a child and the sacrifice of an innocent life, intersect in a dark reflection of human behavior."


This short film, narrated through metaphors with the concept of the sinister, has been sent to compete in official IMDb, Oscar and BAFTA festivals

Awards (fragment):
- Winner of "Best Experimental" in 12 Months Film Festival (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

- Nominee of "Best Experimental Film" in Independent Shorts Awards (North Hollywood, USA) - IMDb Official Festival
- Nominee of "Best Original Story" in Independent Shorts Awards (North Hollywood, USA) - IMDb Official Festival

- Nominee of "Best Director" in Prague International Film Festival (Czech Republic) - IMDb Official

- Nominee of "Best Short Film" in European Cinematography Awards (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 
- Nominee of "Best Short Film" in Rome Independent Prisma Awards (Rome, Italy) - IMDb Official Festival
Nominee of "Best Director" in European Cinematography Awards (Amsterdam, Netherlands) 



Web Serie - Spain
Categories: Fiction / Comedy
Duration: 4 Episodes


"Zoombad @ s" was born as a Web Series of 4 episodes that show, with comic overtones, the social and psychological consequences generated by the COVID and that torment the main character (María).

She is assisted by Benjamin, her therapist, who suggests - by way of therapy and social stimulation - to establish contact with other people by renting her other room. Which will trigger a series of very particular situations with the arrival of each new guest.

Each episode will feature a new character, a different structure from the previous one, and a new experience for both Marta and the viewer.

Crowdfunding will open shortly where anyone can contribute and be part of the project!

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